How to develop Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?
March 3, 2024
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The fondness for Fantasy sports has grown immensely and revolutionized the virtual sports industry through technological advancements in mobile app development services.

And, Fantasy Sports Apps like Dream 11 are no exception!

According to a report by Straits Research, the global fantasy sports market size was valued at USD 24 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 78.5 billion by 2030.

That’s undoubtedly HUGE!

Therefore, if you are aiming to create a fantasy sports app like Dream11, considering it as a touchstone would definitely be a smart move.

So, How does Dream 11 work?

Dream 11, a growing virtual fascination for sports lovers and a one-of-a-kind gameplay app attracts millions of sports enthusiasts across the country. As the name shouts ‘Fantasy Sports’, this feature-rich gaming app immerses everyone virtually which is played more in an imaginative style.

Therefore, the increasing interest of the majority of people in fantasy sports is a strong sign that fantasy sports apps like Dream 11 are onto the bigger things.

Did you know?

Offering a growing user base of 10 crore+, Dream 11, an India-based fantasy sports app with a fantasy cricket league and other sports like football, kabaddi, and basketball is in the spotlight of many.

The application that entices sports fans with perks such as a sign-up bonus, cash rewards, and a craze tied with a great deal of excitement has captured millions of hearts around the world. Not only that, but it has also formed a significant presence large enough to be regarded as the World’s first Fantasy Cricket &6th Largest Fantasy Sports Application.

However, attaining the level of accomplishment that Dream 11 has acquired is not an easy feat. There is no assurance that you will be showered with cash the day after you introduce your gaming experience. Dream 11’s success was largely due to its user-friendly interface, which fostered involvement and pure fun.

It was groundbreaking how it developed an environment within its software that valued prediction with the possibility of winning enticing prizes. As a result, developing an app that resonates with your customers is a must for business owners.

In this article, we will walk you through all the fundamentals you need to acknowledge to build a fantasy app like Dream 11.

So, keep scrolling for more insights!

Dream11’s Business Landscape today

According to a recent analysis by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports, the Indian fantasy sports business is currently on the way to becoming a global big player, with revenues expected to climb from $4.6 billion in FY21 to more than$22 billion by FY25.

While fantasy gameplay is the business’s mainstay, Dream11 has endeavored to expand into other economic sectors such as customized sports travel, online gaming production, merchandise, and content generation.

Basics of building an App like ‘Dream 11’

Dream11 has been consistently coming up with innovations to its online fantasy sports app, garnering a growing number of users nearly every day.

Apart from that, this online multiplayer application has increased the intensity of the game by providing the players with a sense of control. In addition to that, it offers not only a chance to interact with other sports enthusiasts but also to clinch a plethora of cash bonuses and gifts.

Apps like Dream11 have been able to develop a significant presence in the market in a short amount of time owing to the userbase’s enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication.

Here’s an overview of the booming fantasy sports industry that will assist you to seethe broader picture of this bandwagon.

Covering the market with both Website and App

When we consider the accomplishment of Dream 11, the only thing that stands out is its pervasive presence in the market. It attained this milestone by serving customers through both its mobile application and its website.

It is worth mentioning that Dream 11 primarily grew’s incredibly impressive user base through the usage of its website. They were fortunate in redirecting a substantial part of their customer base to a phone app, culminating in broad recognition.

In a nutshell, you should have both a website and an app prepared to deliver fantasy sports activities to a passionate customer base.

Basics of building an App like ‘Dream 11’

Devising a Budget Plan

Let’s be honest: you’re not building a fantasy sports app solely to cater to the interests of your consumers. In addition to that, you also intend to generate revenue while serving them with the best of the features and experiences. So, before jumping onto creating a fantasy app, constructing a viable monetization strategy is the way to go.

Integrating Robust Features

If you want to establish a fantasy sports app that resonates with your potential consumers, then you must emphasize a few key elements that should not be overlooked.

Hassle-free Login

The app really shouldn’t squander time on the registration process. Rather the procedure should be easy to collect only necessary information, such as a phone number, email address, and name. It’s advised to not overwhelm your customers with an excessive amount of input fields.

Home page

Your home page’s layout ought to be simplistic, and aesthetic. It should provide quick access to other pages on your website and deliver critical information about your product swiftly. Therefore, choosing a minimalistic design approach that only includes the necessary tools and visual elements could make your fantasy app stand out in the crowd.

League Territory

Provide a flawless platform for your customers to discover new leagues, the expense of entering them, necessary contest criteria, tournament scale, and event timings, among other things. You must provide a league arena suitable for having to involve your followers in the most recent tournaments.

User Dashboard

A clear, detailed, and visually striking display is crucial for the building of a solid fantasy sports application. It should not squander time giving meaningful information regarding earnings, loyalty points, transaction records, and much more using simple charts.

Administration Dashboard

To handle the key parts of an app, an administrator dashboard that is both strong and simple to understand is crucial. The dashboard must provide its admin the ability to alter the app’s functionality, control the network, access information, and execute schemes that strongly influence a player’s game.

Account Administration

The app or website should make it simple to handle user profiles. It should essentially give the administrator the authority to update, suspend, or remove accounts linked with the fantasy sports platform’s primary participants.

Data Management

The administrator should have admin rights to all important game reports. Income, player performance, and winner’s data must be clear and simple for the administrator to view.

Laying the Framework

Finally, you must select the appropriate framework for your fantasy sports application. It can either be built in the style of a Native App or a Progressive Web App or a Cross-Platform App.

Consider your cost, key demographic, revenue strategy, and the features you aim to provide to customers. These will help you figure out which framework is best suited to your app. Moreover, you can also consult with your application development company to identify which framework will best suit you and your users.

Things to consider for Developing a Robust Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11

Astable and efficient fantasy sports app that fascinates users is dependent on a variety of critical parameters. Let’s explore them in detail.

Details the key

It is crucial to differentiate between fantasy sports and game apps. Fantasy sports games, in contrast to online games, are planned and intellectual. Therefore, the player’s capacity to deal with critical data related to leagues, player statistics, a team’s overall efficiency, shape, and much more are extensively relied upon in the game.

As a result, it is critical to provide individuals with a thorough means of examining this data. The news page, player bio, and statistical graphs should be easily obtainable on the app or website.

5 seconds Rule

Most app developers follow a well-known concept termed the 5-Second rule. According to the concept, an app must grab a viewer’s attention within the initial five seconds of its installation. If this is not done, the user will simply move onto the other app.

An excellent method to get your customers’ interest in a fantasy sports application is to present them with an experience that instantaneously shares insights. A rapid insight interface will undoubtedly keep your user engaged with the program and urge them to thoroughly traverse it.

Things to consider for Developing a Robust Fantasy App

Scope of the App

An app like that of Dream 11 provides a wide range of sports to match sports enthusiasts with varying needs. Therefore, it is essential to first evaluate the size of your platform in terms of the kinds and variety of sports it intends to offer. This provides a solid platform for your development teams to work on and establishes the robust fund strategy you will require to carry out your project goals.


We’ve already highlighted that the Fantasy Sports industry is revolutionizing rapidly and leaving no stone unturned to expand its reach. Therefore, such apps should be designed with flexible scalability at the forefront. Hence, the software must be able to manage massive amounts of traffic with efficiency. Also, its should be capable of supporting additional customers and expanding the product’s range of sports and contest options in the future.

Antino: Your revolutionizing fantasy App Development Partner!

The popularity of the Fantasy Sports app is skyrocketing and will continue to grow. Those considering entering this industry as a new way to make money should now take the next step and create a Fantasy Sports App similar to Dream 11.

Therefore, partnering with Antino Labs with its talented team of Fantasy sports software developers can help you flawlessly match your demands and design a comprehensive fantasy app to rule the virtual sports industry. So, why wait? Get in touch with us today!

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