DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps is not a tech stack, tool, or framework, instead, it is a delivery process that focuses on the cross-functional approach of building and shipping efficient applications in a faster manner through automation of infrastructure, workflow as well as performance evaluation. Our DevOps Consulting Services help in Rapid product development thereby allows more time for the product to be marketed.

DevOps services promote agile delivery of the product as well as effective coordination and communication integrated through Cloud Infrastructure. It aids the automation of development tasks and allows for the continuous integration of product lines on cloud delivery platforms. DevOps Consulting Services allows your company to take leverage of constructive cloud infrastructure for deploying applications and smooth migrations.

Why DevOps Services?

To be concise, DevOps overcomes all the challenges incurred by the miscommunication among development, QA, and IT departments. But to take it further, these are the major upper hands of using DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure for your business:

Benefits of DevOps Consulting Services


DevOps Services and Solutions

  • IaC - Infrastructure as Code

    Under Infrastructure as Code (IaC), our experts ensure automation of provisioning resources, configuration, and control of all environments to eliminate human inefficiencies in the integration process.

  • Configuration Management

    Our Configuration Management Services ensure the swift establishment and management of the product's performance as well as functional & physical attributes throughout its operational life.

  • CI/CD and Automation

    Leverage expertise in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment loop stretching from the beginning of software development to delivery, maintenance, and security in the project pipeline.

  • Containerisation and Orchestration

    Our certified engineers strategize the Kubernetes and Docker implementations to deliver dynamic experiences using container orchestration. Efficiently automate processes such as deployment, scaling, load balancing, networking, and more through our expertise.

Tools & Technologies We Work With


Why choose Antino for DevOps Consulting Services?

  • Punctual Delivery

    With Antino’s expertise, you will be accessing projects on a timely delivery basis. Because we understand how valuable your time is, we never delay the delivery of a project.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

    We focus on maintenance cost minimization for our clients because Antino ensures trial and feedback integration during deployment.

  • Improved Productivity

    Antino is all about punctuality and detail orientation. Thus, rest assured of the project’s productivity

  • 24 x 7 Availability and Active Support

    We understand how important it is to be available for your customers’ problems. Thus, we got your back anytime you face issues with the design.

  • Trusted by so many Companies

    With 200+ projects in our portfolio, we proudly boast our client base. Our clients trusted our design and you should also give us a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps is a practice of bringing together development as well as operations teams with a focus on continuous testing and deployment, whereas Agile is an iterative model that focuses collaboration, user feedback, and small releases. DevOps is more concerned with operational and business willingness, whereas Agile is more concerned with functional and non-functional readiness.

DevOps services provide for product agility as well as effective communication and cooperation via Cloud Infrastructure. It enables the continuous integration of product offerings on cloud delivery platforms and aids in the automated processes of development tasks. DevOps enables your company to take advantage of purposeful cloud infrastructure for application deployment and smooth migrations.

Automation of business processes improves enterprise-wide operational effectiveness and resilience. The DevOps cycle itself reduces costs by reducing engineers' manual labour and shortening time to market. It allows your teams to build, test, as well as deploy more quickly and with fewer errors. Thus, resulting in reduced cost through DevOps Services!


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