Why choose Laravel for Web Development?
March 3, 2024
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Love beautiful websites?

Well, we do too!

However, to build an aesthetic website, a robust and scalable framework is absolutely paramount!

For that, choosing the best framework for your web development projects is one of the crucial steps. But, it can be a bit of a tough choice when you’re only in the initial phase. Moreover, so many question scan come to your mind as well like – Which framework should you use? What features should be included? Does it have good documentation and support? And what not, right?

Well, when it comes to website development, choosing a framework is an important decision. And the right choice can lead to success in creating beautiful and easy-to-use websites.

Moreover, having a well-defined coding standard is also essential for the website you develop. Good development frameworks make life easier and allow you to focus on your business instead of technical issues.

PHP Laravel Framework is becoming the ‘New Normal’ among developers

Well, there are so many different frameworks in the industry, and after using the mall, we can say that there are certainly some stand-out features of ‘Laravel’ that make this framework extremely special.

Yes, we’re not lying.

Did you know?

There are over 765,417 live websites using Laravel, right now.

Most developers are now strongly inclined toward the Laravel framework for the PHP programming language. Now, you might be wondering why? But, before talking about all of this – what LARAVEL exactly is?

What is Laravel used for?

Laravel is a web app development framework with powerful and clean syntax that simplifies the entire web development process by making it faster, smoother, and more interesting for developers by eradicating the problem areas that arise when dealing with difficult PHP code.

Taylor Otwell invented the Laravel framework with the primary purpose of assisting website developers in making critical programming simple, faster, and safer. Laravel is built on Symfony components, but it simplifies various activities such as navigation, authorization, cookies, caching, and others so that programmers could focus on implementing app-related business features.

Is Laravel frontend or backend?

The answer to the query “Is Laravel frontend or backend?” is simply “backend.” Laravel, as previously said, is a PHP framework that runs on the server. Laravel allows you to create full-stack web apps, which means it can handle both frontend and backend operations.

front end or back end
Frontend or Backend

Why is Laravel Web Development being preferred?

Many people wonder why Laravel is the best framework for PHP web development and is so prevalent among developers. The only answer is that they choose peace of mind when developing web applications, and Laravel offers a lot more than that.

Without a doubt, its convenience of usage and durability has contributed to its enormous fame, but implementing this famous framework also opens the door to a lot of other advantages.

Issues with alternative PHP frameworks have been discovered, rectified, and extensively examined during the creation of Laravel. When it comes to testing, keep in mind that the PHP Laravel framework has testing built in, ensuring that your web application is bug-free.

Here are some benefits of choosing Laravel that can make your web development experience more efficient and effective.

Advantages of Laravel

  • Quick Development Process
  • Secure Authentication
  • Prevent Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Integration of Third Parties
  • Automation

Quick Development Process

Laravel operates on a modular structure to streamline common tasks. It indicates that there are numerous pre-built services and structures in Laravel that work on the most recent PHP standards to develop responsive web apps in a reasonable time frame.

This accelerates web application development, making Laravel swift and accessible. There’s no reason to spend long hours or weeks developing single lines of code when working with the Laravel framework. As a result, it expedites application delivery while also being cost-effective.

Secure Authentication

The Laravel framework makes it incredibly simple and uncomplicated to install a full authentication system. From logging in to signup and resetting passwords, you’ll be astonished to see how Laravel accomplishes all of this with the assistance of a single command.

Advantages of Laravel

Prevent Technical Vulnerabilities

‘Security Vulnerabilities’ is something that goes hand in hand with the web development process. According to an OWASP Foundation survey, the most severe online application security vulnerabilities are SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site programming, and so on.

As you advance through the software development process, the cost and time required to resolve these vulnerabilities grow rapidly. And when it concerns security, Laravel can safeguard your web application from the most major security consequences. Therefore, it is extremely safe and does not enable viruses or security issues to infiltrate the web app. This basically means that your Laravel-powered PHP web app is 100% secure.

Integration of Third Parties

Almost every website requires some kind of integration with a third-party application. This may be a payment mechanism like Paytm or Google Pay or it could be a marketing tool that your firm requires. Regardless of the procedures, Laravel’s basic APIs for integration make incorporating third-party applications simple.

This makes it a solid choice for the web development process if your site demands a payment platform or an integrated advertising solution.


Every web application requires a task scheduling approach to automate a task like delivering emails to subscribers, sending push notifications, or simply cleaning up the database to make web apps smoother.

However, by using Laravel’s automatic command scheduler, you can prevent this headache. As it enables you to set up your command schedule swiftly and significantly within the Laravel framework, and it just requires a single entry on your server to run the task.

This functionality of the Laravel framework not only enhances the performance and speed of your web app but also helps you save money on infrastructure.

laravel web development

Features of Laravel

The market for PHP frameworks is somewhat competitive due to multiple rivals vying for the spotlight and attention. The extensive Laravel functionalities, on the other hand, distinguish it way better from other PHP frameworks. Read on to learn about some interesting Laravel features.

Engine for templating blades

Laravel incorporates the Blade template engine, which is simple but effective when compared to other PHP template engines. It adds no complexity to your website and allows you to use simple PHP code in displays. Along with some handy shortcuts for common PHP processes, it also includes features like template inheritance and data presentation that increase the versatility of the web-building process.

Laravel Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM in Laravel includes web developers with a basic Active Record execution that streamlines and shortens database interactions. It allows people to write database queries in PHP syntax instead of writing in SQL to update or edit databases.

MVC Architecture

Laravel’s MVC (Model View Controller) architecture improves overall efficiency, provides significant documentation, and facilitates a wide range of web application functions. This makes Laravel an ideal choice for web development.

features of laravel
Features of Laravel


Unlike many PHP frameworks, Laravel is a completely free and open-source framework for web designers. It also has a large group that contributes to the framework’s evolution and flexibility.

Object-Oriented Libraries

This framework includes a bevy of libraries that allow developers to create web applications entirely for a broad spectrum of industries. Class libraries and pre-written code can also be used by developers to create apps rapidly.

Along with these excellent Laravel framework characteristics, a variety of factors encourage firms to choose Laravel development services. These reasons, or rather the perks of the Laravel Framework, are detailed below.

Websites built with Laravel


This international entertainment and media company is well-known for its film studios, television, video streaming, entertainment venues, and goods.

The New York Times

One of the world’s leading newspapers in the world, with worldwide distribution via both print and digital distribution.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Entertainment is a worldwide entertainment and media corporation best known for its film and television productions.

Websites built with Laravel

How did we help Opinito with its Laravel-based platform?

Opinito, a pioneering social networking platform, sought to revolutionize user interactions by seamlessly connecting individuals who share similar interests. However, this vision came with a set of challenges that required innovative solutions.

Therefore, we at Antino helped them with our extensive expertise in Laravel-based platforms. 

Challenges Opinito Faced & How We Resolved Them

Challenge 1: Securing APIs with JWT Tokens

Solution: We implemented JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure API authentication. This robust approach ensured that only authorized users could access Opinito's services, effectively safeguarding user data and interactions.

Challenge 2: Mitigating SQL Injection with Stored Procedures

Solution: Recognizing the critical need for security, our experts leveraged stored procedures to prevent SQL injection attacks. This proactive measure fortified Opinito's database against potential vulnerabilities.

Challenge 3: Efficient Media Storage on Amazon S3

Solution: We seamlessly integrated Opinito's platform with Amazon S3, providing a reliable and scalable solution for storing media files. This not only enhanced performance but also ensured data durability and accessibility.

Challenge 4: Automated Cron Jobs for Streamlined Operations

Solution: We also set up automated cron jobs, enabling Opinito to perform tasks like data synchronization and maintenance at specified intervals. This automated approach reduced manual intervention, enhancing platform efficiency.

Challenge 5: Optimized Codebase for Performance

Solution: Leveraging best coding practices, our developers fine-tuned Opinito's codebase for optimal performance. This included optimizing algorithms, database queries, and other critical components, resulting in a highly responsive user experience.

Challenge 6: Seamless API Integration and Merging

Solution: We expertly managed the integration of various APIs within the Opinito ecosystem. When necessary, we skillfully merged APIs to create a cohesive and feature-rich platform, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Challenge 7: Geographically Based Data Display

Solution: Addressing the challenge of geographically based data, we also implemented location-based services within Opinito. This allowed users to interact with content and connections relevant to their geographic preferences.

All in all, our expert team’s invaluable contributions played a pivotal role in shaping Opinito's Laravel-based platform. Through a combination of cutting-edge security measures, optimized code practices, and seamless API integrations, we helped Opinito realize its vision of revolutionizing social networking. 

How Antino can help you Laravel Web Development?

Companies usually face difficulties when it comes to selecting a safe and reliable framework for their website. Moreover, it is essential to choose a framework that is faster to implement and does not require an excessive amount of time to finish.

As a result, Laravel becomes an appropriate and perfect choice for a wide range of applications for high-performance websites. It also makes the task easier for developers to create a website that includes a bevy of security measures.

If you’re still in doubt about how to choose a secure framework to ensure your website isn’t just secure but is well-encrypted and protected from other malware activities. Antino Labs brings secure Laravel framework website design services for your website. Learn more by getting in touch with us.

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